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Spore is Finally Coming Out!

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Spore Creature Designer But First – Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and special Thanks for reading!

While browsing Amazon’s Black Friday Deals, I stumbled across a Pre-Order page for the revolutionary game called Spore. Will Wright, one of the best known game designers, who created titles like SimCity and The Sims, is the creative Genius behind this one.

This game attempts to simulate an entire Universe within your Computer and then uses the Internet to extend it even further. You play the coveted role of God, the creator of all things, or at least one planet and one species, for starters. You get to help your species evolve through the ages, from a small cell organism to big Star conquering Civilization. Obviously, such grandiose game was years in development and until  today no-one knew the release date. But, Voila, it’s coming! Enjoy the video below and you can read more about it on Wikipedia and Gaming sites!

And looks like the Universe is giving me a Birthday gift! Why else would the release date be March 3rd, 2008? It must be a hint, and it also means that this will be yet another one of these few precious Gem games that we purchase on the release day, the last one being Sims 2, ironically.