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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year 2008 Welcome to 2008!

I am not into putting together "year end review" of 2007, like some other bloggers, and I especially don’t like all the posts on New Year Resolutions for 2008. One of the late lessons you learn in life is that when you Talk about doing something in the future, and you keep talking about it, chances are you will not do it. The more you discuss doing something (instead of actually going for it!), the more you realize that it probably isn’t all that great, or something could go wrong, or just loose interest in general…

So instead of some empty resolutions, I took some affirmative action today, some first major steps, if you will, with more to follow:

  • First, I am adding Watch page to my blog. It’s right up there on the header, next to About Me and other pages. The idea is to aggregate some of my favorite videos in one categorized page. Right now it’s mostly videos I blogged about already, that I enjoy, but I will be adding some other fun videos as I come encounter them. Hopefully you will return to that page often (Bookmark it!) and I trust you will enjoy them as well.
  • Second, I am announcing launch of another blog called EconoVille that I will moderate (but guest posters are welcome). As you probably figured, it will focus on all things related to Economy and Economics. I have been fascinated by Economics as a science for a while now, and I find it especially amazing that even in this day and age with all the research that was done, Reality often drifts away from our Economist predictions.
  • I am also taking affirmative action on few other project of mine, but I am not prepared to talk about those just yet. Details sure to follow, I promise.

So, have a great new year! I will continue to update my Shared Deals & Blogs (on the right column here) multiple times each day with the latest bargains and major tech developments and news. I also hope to bring you more tips about technology and, of course, life in general.

PS: Do yourself a favor this year and start using Web Readers (Google Reader or Bloglines), it makes it so much easier to keep up with your favorite blogs and web sites! And, once you sign up for free account there, don’t forget to Subscribe to this Blog! 😉


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Comment by RedDevil on 2008-01-02 09:32:27 -0500>

Comment by RedDevil on 2008-01-02 09:32:27 -0500 #

Happy New Year!!! Ditto on the resolutions…but I don’t share mine cuz I can usually just roll them over 😉