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Death at a Funeral is even funnier than the title

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I hope you are checking out ‘Now Playing on My Netflix’ rubric on the right sidebar of my web site. Last week a movie Death at a Funeral was listed there, as it always shows the movies I have at home.

That movie is Hilarious! British humor at it’s finest, we laughed to tears, virtually non stop. And yet, it manages to come through as serious portrayal of a funeral, and perhaps a reflection on our lives and the choices we make while we are here.

5 Starts and endorsement from us! And the Happiness formula holds: you laugh = get happier!

PS: I have made serious enhancements to another open source Now Playing on NetFlix widget, resulting in what you see on my site. I am planning to open source it back to, just haven’t gotten around to it. Meanwhile, if you want it, just post comments below and I’ll gladly email it to you.


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Comment by Boris on 2008-05-18 17:26:16 -0500>

Comment by Boris on 2008-05-18 17:26:16 -0500 #

Your post is all true. Saw the movie during the flight to Canada.Laughed to tears and earned strange glazes from people around :-).