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It is HP Touchpad weekend – Join In!
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Technology HP
While earlier in a week I read (just like many of you) that HP is getting out of Tablet (and most PC / Mobile Hardware) business, I only reflected on how that will change landscape of our mighty Industry.
Software Patents – Oxymoron
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Google Microsoft Technology
Just a quick post regarding the Software Industry drama unraveling here, here and here. Quick recap: Google is upset with “patent trolls” extracting fees from Android manufacturers via Patents. This ends up costing device manufacturers, and probably ends up making more money for Microsoft than they make from their Windows Mobile 7 sales!
The Minecraft effect on our computing power
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Consumerism Gaming Personal
I spent last two days working hard on setting my youngest son up with his own dedicated desktop PC. What is interesting, is that his prime gripe about his earlier system was that it couldn’t run Minecraft properly, especially with some add-ons!
Bad US Regulations or Google Incompetence?
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Consumerism Family Gaming Google Yahoo
First, this is a response to a blog post here (via Techmeme). If you are too lazy to read it, here’s an executive summary: Google is saying they will delete 2 years worth of email and all other Google Account data for 10 years old Alex (Who is naturally crying now).
Polar – HealthySchools – How to fix IE9 Issue
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My children are participating in summer classes this year, and ran into this issue. Looks like Polar site has a little trouble with latest and greatest Internet Explorer 9 – so here is very easy fix: Compatibility Mode.
OMG! Why did you buy a Drunken Hobo?
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Consumerism Deal Kobo
That is what my daughter exclaimed, after learning that we purchased Kobo eReader from Borders and mishearing the name. She came to this natural conclusion after seeing that our new device prefers ePUB books to feed it’s appetite for content!
Free Latest eBooks and Audiobooks on your Mobile device – Legal Too
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Android Free iPhone
Forgive the loud title of this post, but I promise that it is totally relevant! For the past few weeks I have tremendously enjoyed several audio-books from my local library.
USA Today Supports Scam Ads? Is This What’s Next In Online Advertising!?
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Consumerism Internet Marketing
Yesterday, while reading an article on USA Today, my eyes gazed over to prominently displayed “News Stories” on the right side of the page. Clicking through seems to reach respectable site, apparently presenting TV affiliated news site, complete with anchor photos, videos and long authentic looking article.
Your Computer Refresh of 2011
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Welcome to 2011, oh how time flies! I decided to start the year off by putting together a little post to help all you good people out there make computing decisions for 2011.


Android – Free Brand Advertisement
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Business Open Source
As I drove home from the office today, I was bombarded by an unusual amount of Android Billboard Advertisements. What is most interesting is that Google did Not pay for any of it, as far as I know!
Tablet PC Glut Incoming – It is an iPad Holiday!
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Apple Tablet Technology
Now that Apple’s iPad is officially a hit, all the computer makers (and computer makers Wanna-Be’s) woke up and are planning to Flood the market with Tablets. Most will try to rush something out for this holiday season, even half-baked, so around Black Friday and shortly thereafter expect to see them Everywhere!
Blog Action Day 2010 – Water
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Global Warming|Start Petition Here are some interesting related news: Alaska Water to be Exported to India!
10/10/10 Milestone and Where Do We Go Next
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So it’s not 2012 yet, but this one looks to be very significant date. Although, I guess we didn’t all focus ourselves on 09/09/09 as much last year. So today I am trying to reflect on our collective thoughts, as species.
Dead Trees Information Platform – Dead?
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This isn’t any news to anyone, it is just something that was proclaimed long ago and yet books are refusing to die. What inspired me is the fact that I am at Barnes and Nobles now, looking at giant Nook display right at the entrance.
Internet Explorer 9 – 64 Bit Beta – With Flash (beta) – Finally!
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Adobe Flash Microsoft Technology
Yesterday IE 9 Beta landed on the web. It’s a major rework of the most popular browser, with support for fancy new features (like HTML 5 and CSS 3) and Hardware Video acceleration.
The Next Series: Part 3 – Apps Marketplace
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Future Microsoft Next Technology Windows
The Apps Store is all the rage nowadays and everyone says how “Apple Invented this Revolutionary Concept”. As I recall – Windows had a Marketplace for Apps and Accessories going way back… Still, the true revolution in Apple’s iOS is the seamless end-to-end experience of discovering and purchasing / installing Apps.
Napster is back with a vengeance
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Entertainment Music
I recently signed up for Napster, and so far it’s a pleasant experience. The price proposition convinced me – unlimited music streaming to your computer AND you can purchase Un-protected (DRM Free) songs for keeps.
iPhone 4 – First Impressions + Secret Feature
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Apple iPhone Technology
Ok, here’s the summary: Wow!! Overall I really love it so far, and although I experienced the famous disappearing bars issue first hand, I am really not concerned. One negative so far I noticed is the camera.
My iPhone 4 is here – One Day Earlier!
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Apple Consumerism iPhone Technology
Yep, my iPhone 4 arrived via FedEx today and so far all I did was Shamelessly Fondle It all over. It is in the long process of synching with iTunes, and filling it up with Apps and Stuff.
Mass Effect 2 – On Sale Today
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled (aka: nonexistent) blogging to bring you this special message. I raved about Mass Effect 2 in the past, it’s a Movie gone Game, or Game gone Movie, either way makes for amazing Sci-Fi experience.