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Note: I refreshed this site in early 2023, but keeping this page with an original content, as a sort of homage.
About This Blog>

About This Blog #

This is my thoughts blog, and as such it is a hybrid between Technology and Software Industry insights and The Meaning of Life revelations. You will not see cute kitties in this blog, simply because they aren’t in my thoughts, ever. Instead you should expect to encounter different kind of fun things here, like gaming, gadgets and more!

About Me>

About Me #

During daytime, I work as a Software Architect at Amdocs (since 2022 in our Vubiquity division), building for our great clients. After hours I am a self-proclaimed technology guru who loves computing, gadgets and gaming. I constantly try to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and science breakthroughs and often venture to try experimental stuff on my own time. I will try to post about such adventures as well, and explore together to find the Next Big Thing.

I love my family, and I value their privacy. Thus I won’t share much of personal family stuff here. If you know me personally, feel free to connect via Facebook – I am posting a lot there. I am also on Geni, which is a great site for families to stay in touch and share photos and latest news.

If you prefer, you can email me directly. I got adi email on this blog (yes, it is adi at adir1 dot (you know it, but spammers don’t)). I promise to review all incoming email, and respond if warranted.