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Adi Rabinovich

Adi Rabinovich


Hello World (Again!)
·461 words·3 mins
Personal Hello World JamStack Hugo Gatsby Philosophy
I am Back!!! After unfathomably long hiatus - the World and I have changed much! Hope you are ready for even Crazier writing from me! As you notice, the site is vastly improved!
Duplicate MAC address on Cable Modem – The Fight Goes On
·594 words·3 mins
Communications FCC Internet
TLDR: Arris/Motorola SurfBoard Cable Modems (and perhaps others) are constantly showing up with Duplicate MAC Addresses, even though each manufacturer must only make Single device with same address. Looks like it is time for another fiasco/fight with Comcast for us, something that has become at least annual affair.
My Advice for Dealing with Anxiety (Social, Disorder or Otherwise)
·1277 words·6 mins
Anxiety Self Help
Featured Art: By Destiny Blue on DeviantArt Overview> Overview # First, a quick primer to anxiety itself – it is actually an important human feature which evolution perfected over many millennia.
Biggest Microsoft Security Lapse in Recent History – Skype’s achilles heel
·953 words·5 mins
Consumerism Microsoft InfoSec Skype
Yet again I come to you with rant, but this time seems like the reason is Microsoft’s huge lapse in basic Skype account security. Probably like mst of you, I have created my Skype account Many years ago.
SteamBurglar Malware – Theft in the Digital Age
·469 words·3 mins
Malware InfoSec
Featured Photo: By Ed Hardie on Unsplash My son started screaming few hours back, scaring us half to death. Apparently he reacted this way to what seemed like a virus infecting his computer, after he ignored all long standing advice from me and clicked on nasty link from another Steam user sent via chat.