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Stage6 from DivX is shutting down
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DivX Technology YouTube
I went to visit my old time favorite Stage6 site from DivX, which most of you readers of my blog are familiar with, by now, and was stunned to learn that they are closing.


Happy Hanukkah and Thanks for Reading!
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Hanukkah Personal YouTube
Happy 2007 Hanukkah everyone! It starts tonight, actually I am cooking right now and decided to take a short break just to wish everyone All The Best! I also came across this wonderful 30 seconds rendition of Hanukkah Song on YouTube.
TabletPC Is Back, plus Too Much TV
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Gaming Weekend Fun YouTube
Looks like it takes a good game for people to start talking Tablet PC again. And this game does appear to be good clean geeky fun! The game is called Crayon Physics Deluxe, but it is not ready just yet, apparently.
Friday Fun – Linkin Park’s latest classic
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DivX Entertainment Media Codec YouTube
Little known fact (or maybe it’s famous fact?) about me is that I am a video technophile. I love to capture/convert/archive videos in all their form. Whether it is first time my child walked, or my favorite Music Video, and so forth.