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Summary of Videos, Please, Mr Scoble!

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Robert Scoble on Kyte.TVMr Scoble, I am really becoming agitated here, and sorry to say, I’m very close to unsubscribing from your otherwise excellent blog.

I’ve been reading your blog for many months (years?), but this latest trend of just linking to Videos is not working for me! Really, this latest video is 20 minutes!!!

Remember the video where you showed off your awesome feed reading skills? Browsing hundreds of feeds within minutes? Can you afford same courtesy to others? With all due respect, is it correct to demand others to spend 20 minutes just on your single post?

Just to summarize, I respect your opinions, how ever rebellious (unorthodox? futuristic?) they are. I draw my own conclusions, and I will never be the one to say they are wrong.

I believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion and to their unique angle of looking at things. In fact, I can see where up to 40% of links, information, services, solutions and other things people use search engines for today will be coming from friends via social networking in the future. But, for the other 60% of unusual, unsocial and such searches will still need to happen via Google, IMHO. But, maybe I have my percentages all wrong and it’s the other way around, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Back to the main topic — Blog is where the conversations originate, really. party line chat is not effective means of communications! And uploading our own videos there can only end up creating 10 hours of conversational material, totally unedited and unwatchable.

And before you blame this rant of mine on ADD, consider that the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt competes on broadcast TV (CBS) with your video for our attention, so I hope you understand that it’s nothing personal.

To summarize, even if you continue to insist on posting videos, all I ask for is a short transcript with key meaning in your blog also.

UPDATE: Scoble decided to answer on Pownce, since it’s faster, I’m guessing 🙂