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Blog Action Day – The Environment

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Blog Action DayToday’s post is about The Environment. Our Planet, and what are You doing to help save it? What actions are You taking daily to better the planet for our Children?

Blog Action Day organizers have big time sponsors on-board, all coming together in a common goal to promote message about the importance of saving our planet and the environment.

Our household, for example, has been using Fluorescent Light Bulbs for years, almost exclusively. Although it costs more per bulb, it pays for itself in no time. Of course it saves energy, using as little as 25% of the energy versus regular light-bulb. But then it’s also long lasting, so we usually don’t need to replace light bulbs for years. Win Win! The only issue with them is the trouble of recycling old bulbs properly, since they contain a little bit of mercury. Speaking of Recycling, this is another something our household been doing since forever. Recycling Plastics, Cans, Glass Jars is easier than you may think, and it also helps Our Planet!

Finally, we are always looking for more ways to save energy. Solar panels are still very expensive, unfortunately, which is shame since there is plenty of sun here in Georgia. Buying Energy Efficient Appliances is the other big way to save energy!

All other ideas are welcome, so go ahead, don’t be shy and comment away!