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New ways to Love your Prime Time TV

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While all signs pointing to upcoming demise of TV as we know it, I think we should try to make the most of this transition period.

Today, I compiled a short list of resources to help everyone’s TV addiction, now that Prime Time TV season is back with their best entertainment offerings. What’s more, this year almost all Prime Time shows are presented in glorious HDTV, delivering not only the increased resolution, but an overall improvement in clarity and color accuracy.

ABC Prime Time PlayerArguably ABC has the best technology right now for legally streaming your shows over the Internet, along with unique offering of (near) HD quality that you can watch full screen on your computer monitor, which is naturally HD quality or higher, usually. You will need to install tiny ActiveX control to enable viewing, but it’s fast and easy. They recommend dual-core CPU for HD, but I found that it works fine on my Athlon 64 4000+ single core also.

The other excellent approach is to watch on DVD! Set yourself up with Netflix subscription, and rent entire Seasons, DVD after DVD, all Commercial Free! Most popular shows are available, including our favorite House M.D. Here is a post from famous Lifehacker blog with more ideas, including links to streaming from NBC and CBS, though, for some reason they omitted CW.

Remember, Personally, I recommend Interactive Entertainment instead of just sitting on a couch and watching TV, or at least balance the two!