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WARNING: This Blog Post is Simulated

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Lately I felt that I have been posting way too much on Technology or plain fun stuff, and not at all enough on Meaning of Life, as the sub-title of my blog implies. I have been contemplating for a while to break this trend, and today, the opportunity just screamed out at me while driving to work.

You see, I was listening to Episode 124 of the ever excellent EscapePod, which is by far my favorite podcast. It presents short science fiction stories each week, and each is profoundly thought provoking, while staying fun and fresh (and often sexy!). I highly recommend you subscribe to this podcast, and to your advantage, there are over 100 earlier episodes that you can try to catch up on! 

I won’t spoil the plot of Episode 124 for you, entitled Save Me Plz, but instead lets switch to the promised topic of this post, which has risen to the news again lately: Our Entire Universe is Simulated.

In fact, there has recently been a mathematically calculated proof that there is probably a high probability we are living in a simulation.

You can read more on this fascination philosophical argument, but I just wanted to move on and say Yes, lets assume that we Are living in simulation.

Best of Fantasy 2008 editionSo what? Should you live your life any differently? Is your behavior less or more important, even if there were conclusive proof that we are living inside someone’s little simulation tube? I think by definition our creators wouldn’t want to interfere (read: communicate) with us, so should we even try to reach them? But maybe we are already in constant communication, Sims style, with the grand creators of our simulation. And these communications reach our subconscious and often tell us what we “want” to do next (though sometimes we don’t listen, naturally). The Book of Kabbalah also reaffirms this, by implying that our life here is a Dream, and our wants are given to us from “the source”.

Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t change a thing! Ups and Downs of life are here to be enjoyed, and dare I say, equally enjoyed. Give this little sentence more thought, as you go off and play Sims 2 or World Of Warcraft (former: Girls favorite, latter: Boys favorite, but your results may vary!)

So Make Sure to Enjoy Life, with this Simulated Post that’s in it!


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Comment by Albert Rabinovitz on 2007-10-06 20:08:51 -0500>

Comment by Albert Rabinovitz on 2007-10-06 20:08:51 -0500 #

Рабинович, банальности говоришь.