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Today is that day!

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I was going to write some cheesy commentary about how nVidia should branch into making computer CPUs, and finally be bought by Intel, or die out altogether. Coupled with some analysis into the future of multi-core systems and the many cores it takes to run today’s 3D applications, games, OS, and what not.

But seriously, would most of you care? I guess this is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. It felt like nothing is really big enough, important enough, interesting enough, etc.

But, Today is that Day. I am quitting, changing, destroying, rebuilding, rethinking, re-everything. Teen rebellion finally caught up with me? Perhaps, but I think not! Then maybe its the 15 years of marriage that I just celebrated, that hit me like a brick wall. Nah, that’s not what I feel. Mid-life crisis? Too early, really!

I feel that change is overdue. Things need to happen, I need to make things happen. I just have been too lazy and too not-caring to make things happen. And mostly, I’d like to blame it on World of Warcraft. Too often I, granted tired and all, stared at the computer and said too myself – Take the Easy Way Out. Just play a little, do something small. You will feel accomplishment almost right away, 10, 15 minutes later you would have earned some more virtual money, gotten closer to that distant level 70 goal or something else virtual like that.

Yes! I am finally ready to admit it — It’s all been virtual, also known as Not Real. Sure, some of it is real achievement. Something you can boast about, something you can help your friend with (yes, it’s easy to help people who just starting to play, while you arrive with you 100 times more powerful character than the starting zone intended).

But, I am putting a serious stop to this! Yes, I am going into full remission. My own initiatives were the first casualty of WoW, along with many cases where quality family time, or other truly important things suffered.

Yes, I will come back to writing here! It is something I enjoy, and I can’t really deprive myself of all things fun, all at once, now can I? I was going to add some cheesy picture to this post, but I am too emotional at the moment. Today is the day, and Now it happens!

Welcome, Neo, To The Real World.