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Battlestar Galactica – Finally on Hulu

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Battlestar Galactica Entertainment Hulu Technology has been growing nicely, you may recall that I wrote about them back when they were in private beta. Well, since then they have opened to the public, and constantly adding new shows! If you crave some quality entertainment, they are becoming my first destination to check out, Kudos!

And finally, the sensational hit series Battlestar Galactica is there, in an almost HD quality. Of course, ABC’s HD streaming online is still by far the best quality out there, but it does score stiff requirements, both from your computer hardware (dual-core minimum) and your Internet connection (above 3mbps). Hulu’s quality is a compromise, it seems. It is much higher than YouTube’s and other clones out there, but it isn’t quiet as high to require very fast PC and super broadband connection.

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica — I am one of those fans who still managed to catch a few "original" battlestar episodes, and I did expect a similar cliche from the new show, which actually a reason behind my initial refusal to watch this. But, eventually, I did catch a few episodes and saw how different this was. Much better writing, high quality production, are killer ingredients. This may shock you, but I am actually the vice-versa of most fans out there (check out why), so I actually think the show’s been stretched Too Much and it really Should End sooner rather than later!

If you haven’t watched this show, now is a time to catch up, either via your Netflix subscription or Amazon Unbox or other methods. Below is a little teaser, now that the final season is coming, when ALL Will Be Revealed! Which reminds me that I need to rant (for a friend) about Dish Network — Where Is your Sci-Fi channel in HD!?