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I’m back to blogging! Ya, Rly!

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Tag Galaxy - Ocean Sorry I have been away for a while. I have so many excuses, but the truth is, I think I got “afraid” somehow. The more people know and read my blog, especially of those people who know me personally, the more I got worried about being judged based on the posts I write.


I decided to try and be braver! Ummm, but not today, not just yet.. 😉

Instead, Today I bring you fun sites to check out, that really impressed me! Starting off with Tag Galaxy, which I shared on my new and improved Shared Items feed. It links into an amazing database of tagged photos that is Flickr, and then leverages the relationships between the tags to create an amazing Planet like view of photographic awesomeness.

Tag Galaxy - Ocean Space The other one is less exciting, but perhaps more useful on a daily basis, as another quick way to “glance” at what is going on in the world. Check out this excellent MSNBC’s Spectra news visualizer.

Oh, and the whole “Ya Rly” thing is from WoW, which is still where I’m spending way too much time, really…

Both via [Mashable]