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Microsoft Envisions Our Computing Future

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Microsoft Technology Streaming Video

This is amazing demonstration by Microsoft Office Labs, what they called vision for 2019.

For me, the main focus in this demo is on computing interfaces. Notice how many different ways of interacting with the “computer” are shown. Amazing ones are on little cards/devices, that “sense” the motion of the device and respond by showing you different parts of the content, zooming in, etc. Actually, this is something easy to develop on the smart phone today, though I only know of very few apps that do that.

Interfaces are something I am always excited about discussing and improving. Also, you can’t make this vision a reality without a ubiquitous network availability and backed by some Cloud infrastructure somewhere. And we all know how Hot the Cloud discussion is these days. For more more complete story around this video, check out the blog where I found it.

[via i started something]