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This Week In Startups – Podcast

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This Week In Startups - Episode 1 SnapshotFew days ago, while driving, I heard about this new podcast that Jason Calacanis and friends have put together. Sounds rather interesting, learning more about the tough and exciting world of Startups and Ventures.

Mind you, I know exact name of podcast, and even the short version #twist. So I searched on Google – Got Nothing. Next I tried Mahalo, still nothing. Delicious? Nada! And don’t tell me iTunes, that’s not very useful, since I prefer not to overload my iPhone, and still use Zune for all my podcasts.

So, who saves the day? Twitter of course! Sadly, for now only Video subscription is available. I’ll update this post as soon as direct MP3 RSS feed is published.

This Week In Startups!

UPDATE: Direct MP3 RSS Feed posted, as well as others, check the web site!