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Best Free Movies on Hulu – 2009 Edition

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I noticed that they took down Most of the movies I liked on Hulu as my recommendations, a year ago. Only Girl Next Door remains, which brings up a thought of a Chicken-n-Egg situation. Specifically – Do they put Young Guy attracting movies because that is their demographics, or is their demographics this way because they put Young Guy attracting movies?

But, you are not here for brain teasers, are you. So, no fear, as I set out to compile my latest time-killers list of Favorites, to satisfy your fancy (if your taste is anything like mine, that is). Again, available only in USA (most likely). Voila:

  • Action: Air Force One – Great suspense, well executed all around
  • Drama: Fatal Attraction – Borderline drama, thriller, and will help ensure that you never date again
  • Sci-Fi: Virtuality – Something new, made for TV, but heck, why not…Virtuality Movie
  • Science Documentary: Cosmic Voyage – Well spent 36 minutes, if it is that time of day when you brain still works
  • Independent: Gamebox 1.0 – I’ll admit it, I haven’t watched the movie, but reviews look promising!
  • Kids and Family (free babysitter! 😉 ) – Anastasia – Even has a bit of historical authenticity to it

Frankly, the quality of movies is drastically lower than it was a year ago. I think their lack-of-revenue is showing. Of course you can always try crowdsourcing the task of choosing the best movie for you (but see warning from paragraph one above).

Better yet, hit their excellent TV shows selection, which is still very decent. Enjoy!