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Technology to Improve Our Human Experience – Priceless

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Picasa Face Recognition I am excited, awestruck, humbled and overall happy and serene, all at once! What brought on these emotions is my first interaction with newest version of Google’s amazing Picasa product. But of course, it’s years of photos in my collection that bring on these wonderful memories, and combined with amazing new technology to present and organize them, is where Picasa really shines.

And Yes, Picasa is FREE, fully featured edition.
Thank You Google!!!!

The latest edition finally brings us Face Recognition, taking this already excellent photo organization and editing program to Whole New High!! I found a spot in Picasa that shows me all my photos in collection, hope you sitting down – 57,975 is the number, occupying 66.1GB space! Yes, that’s almost 58 Thousand Photos!!!

I find tagging experience especially amazing. I tried to start it off with tagging more recent (higher quality, clear faces) photos, and it went back and picked up same people over the years. Including Baby and Childhood photos!!! The mere process of tagging, where it presents the many stages of person, in one quick/easy to navigate view, is spectacular.

Yes, I do have 4-core computer, and it still takes a while to scan all the photos. It does that in the background, or I would recommend tagging few people in recent photos, and let it work overnight if you have a lot of photos.

Another tip is to find Confirm All button on top of Name tagging frame – do a quick scan to see if any need to be excluded (mistakes, especially happen during baby years, or with brothers and sisters, naturally). After that, quick press on Confirm All, and voila! I already have over 1000 faces confirmed and only 16k more to go 🙂

Picasa 3 The recognition algorithm is really impressive, there were few rare occasions where I wasn’t even sure myself, but computer was right in face recognition!!! Even partial faces like this one here, recognized correctly!!!

There are countless other features, here is a quick run down of major new additions. Charge Forth and download this amazing piece of technology. It is Priceless (aka: Free) and is sure to improve your experience of this living we are all doing.

PS: Maybe I missed it, but I did not see much news about this in main media. Where are CNET or TechCrunch folks, or Scobleizer perhaps? No-one mentions this amazing leap forward, not just in face recognition technology, but in producing this overall package with such Ease of Use and convenience (and I didn’t even touch on massive web sharing options available).