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Turning Point – Steve Jobs Book Purchase

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Steve Jobs Book CoverShort post – more of a call to arms, to discuss burning point for many people today. That is, What Platform to choose to purchase this iconic Steve Jobs biography eBook. I am completely at a loss – what could have been price war between heavyweights in this category, turned into a paralyzing situation for consumers (like me) preventing our purchase completely. My interpretation is that Publisher insisted on same pricing across all platforms! What Gives?

Anyhow, let’s recap the contenders

  • Kindle – Interestingly, I don’t own any – and yet I have Tons of options for reading Kindle books (iPhone, Tablet, PC, Mac, etc) and already own many books on the platform. This is truly an achievement, which I applaud Amazon for!
  • Nook – I really have nothing against them, but I have virtually no prior books on the platform and no dedicated eInk reader. Still, their readers looking better all the time and they caught up to Amazon with Nook software reader being available on most platforms. Good job, B&N!
  • Kobo – Once partner of failed Borders, is an independent maker of eInk devices and the software platform. They are also present on many platforms and ironically I do own that eInk reader I picked up at Borders closeout. We use it once in a while, but who knows about long term prospects?

Not in the running:

  • iBooks – Apple insists on closed platform ways – show me Android iBooks reader? Or how about PC reader? And not even corporate discount Winking smile Nope, no go…
  • Google Books – Serious contender and I am glad to see they have the book available. Brand is strong with this one, but I just don’t know if this is another “Google experiment” with books, or are they in it for the long haul? Plus, no native clients on laptops detracts from reading experience a bit – although Web reader is mighty enticing. In fact, I almost forgot about this option…
  • Microsoft eReader – Um, anyone remembers this one exists? Exactly…
  • Adobe Digital Editions – I don’t even know if any store uses this… In fact, Adobe themselves didn’t post this free eReader on their Download page – seriously?!?!

So, chime in – help me decide. Weigh in your Pros and Cons and tell me where you got this book, and why! And yea, I am so crippled with this decision that I walked into retail store to buy Real hardcover. But then I got sticker-shock – where B&N employee politely explained to me that their pricing is completely different from their own Web pricing and That’s that.

Seriously – we have industry behemoths trying to set platform trends for ages to come, where should we vote with our cash – and WHY ON EARTH would publisher insist on fixed pricing!!?! I am certain everyone would be selling this one At A Loss at this ciritcal platforms’ junction, given a chance.


Comments #

Comment by Roy on 2011-10-24 19:49:48 -0500>

Comment by Roy on 2011-10-24 19:49:48 -0500 #

To be honest, I went with hard copy for this one.

Comment by Adi R on 2011-10-24 22:19:13 -0500>

Comment by Adi R on 2011-10-24 22:19:13 -0500 #

I was considering that as well, but hate to wait for delivery. Oh well, might have to…

Comment by Adi R on 2011-10-29 12:39:30 -0500>

Comment by Adi R on 2011-10-29 12:39:30 -0500 #

Ended up getting physical book from Amazon. Although they shipped promptly, took almost a week via regular ground method, very sad… But hey, it’s a huge read anyhow so need to schedule that effort 🙂

Comment by Roy on 2011-11-12 17:24:10 -0500>

Comment by Roy on 2011-11-12 17:24:10 -0500 #

Just finished first 15 chapters 🙂