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Hello World (Again!)

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I am Back!!! After unfathomably long hiatus - the World and I have changed much! Hope you are ready for even Crazier writing from me!

As you notice, the site is vastly improved! I was eyeing JamStack for several years, but it is such a major departure from WordPress architecture, that I was hesitant. The process was every bit as painful as I thought, but it is Worth It! Initially I tried to use Gatsby, but I couldn’t find theme to my liking. So I continued the search and ended up with Hugo, and amazing Blowfish theme.

A quick recap of the years since the last post:

  • I had (further) awakening in Nov 2019, just as pandemic was gearing up, more on that in future posts.
  • Loving Family Life! And technology that captures it all and helps us make memories! What a Time To Be Alive!
  • Consciousness, Aliens, Angels, Demons - trying to study that whole dimension that prefers to stay hidden.

I also learned that people these days prefer Short posts - so I’ll try to wrap this up with some wisdom!

Back when I just started playing World of Warcraft, there was an interesting Review of the game that stuck with me. In their effort to dissect what makes WoW great, author arrived at the conclusion that it is the World itself. Sure we love to play with friends, or pretend to be someone else. But mostly, we kept returning to it because there was such a diverse World for us, populated with so many colorful inhabitant, both alive and simulated. And, crucially, there was also the Natural Beauty to enjoy as we spent our time there!

Now what if we thought of Earth as such a place? Take a step back and reflect at the diversity of possibilities and endless natural beauty. Some like to focus on the negative, and there sure is plenty of that. But I prefer to see it as yet another opportunity for us, something we can all join together and work to improve for future generations!

One more reflection of the day - here’s a link to the original First Hello World post on this site, back in 2007!

Hello World!
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Hello World Personal
Welcome to my blog. Friends and Family finally convinced me to setup my very own corner of the web, so here it is. WordPress, which is what powering this awesome web site, sets you up with the first Hello World post, which I decided to keep, symbolically.

Disclaimer: While I tried to preserve the content and (some) comments from the original site, I did add new Images to old posts, and also adjusted some old tags
Featured Art: Photo by Lukas Schlagenhauf on Flickr