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Internet Explorer 9 – 64 Bit Beta – With Flash (beta) – Finally!
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Adobe Flash Microsoft Technology
Yesterday IE 9 Beta landed on the web. It’s a major rework of the most popular browser, with support for fancy new features (like HTML 5 and CSS 3) and Hardware Video acceleration.
Got Flash Blues? Dalvik VM to the Rescue!
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Adobe Flash Android Google Java Open Source
Adobe Flash Platform got some bad press lately, and its exclusion from iPad is a major slap in the face to Adobe by Steve Jobs himself. Even though millions of sites out there (including this one) use Flash to liven up things and provide extra interactivity, Apple is willing to leave users to stare at Big Empty Boxes on iPad, rather than add Flash support.


Business Apps at 30 Frames Per Second
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Today I remembered a curious little application, which I wrote back around 1989, if memory serves me right. So, decided to document this for the future generations and you, loyal readers.


Fix Adobe Flash and watch 11th Hour Trailer
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11th Hour Adobe Flash Global Warming Media Technology Windows
I am continuing to encounter strange Adobe Flash problems in Internet Explorer 7. We have a bunch of PCs here at home, and after upgrade to IE7 several had broken Flash.