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Fix Adobe Flash and watch 11th Hour Trailer

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I am continuing to encounter strange Adobe Flash problems in Internet Explorer 7. We have a bunch of PCs here at home, and after upgrade to IE7 several had broken Flash. I had to search all other the web and try many different things before fixing it.

Few days ago I noticed that Adobe Flash stopped working on my main Windows Vista PC also, probably after Zune software installation, since that’s the only thing I installed recently. Though, there were also several Vista patches on Tuesday, that may have played a part in this.

I was able to fix it and here are the tips for you to try, organized from simple to hard:

  • Go directly to Adobe installation site for Flash, Pay Attention and Uncheck Google Toolbar (seriously, it’s like Spyware installer!). Follow installation steps and make sure to reboot your PC after installation.

  • Still doesn’t work? Try downloading Flash Installer package from Adobe. Follow directions and download the Installer package at the end of step 3. HOWEVER, on Vista, do an extra step and Shut Down Internet Explorer + Find IEUSER.EXE in Task Manager and End Process on it. Then proceed to install Flash as downloaded above
  • Still broken? You are in serious fix… You will need to install Microsoft software and fix some registry keys. Then try again the step above. Reboot and Voila.

Of course, if you still can’t fix it, just use Firefox browser, it seems to work just fine even while IE keeps insisting that "Flash not installed".

Now that you have your Flash fixed, you have some options. First, educate yourself on our planetary crisis by watching the trailer below. Next, proceed to enjoy more Flash capabilities and features, courtesy of Adobe. Of course if they would get their act together, and talk in over with Microsoft or whoever, you wouldn’t have to mess with all that Adobe Flash installation mess to begin with. Enjoy!


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Comment by Natasha on 2007-11-19 23:48:55 -0500>

Comment by Natasha on 2007-11-19 23:48:55 -0500 #

Thanks for the trailer..