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Business Apps at 30 Frames Per Second
·366 words·2 mins
Adobe Adobe Flash Programming
Today I remembered a curious little application, which I wrote back around 1989, if memory serves me right. So, decided to document this for the future generations and you, loyal readers.


Adobe Reader 9 is here – Why make us suffer?
·1077 words·6 mins
Adobe Linux Technology
So Adobe Reader 9 is here, and someone somewhere claimed, for whatever reason, that it is actually faster to start. Being brave (read: foolish) soul that I am, I went directly to Adobe site to quickly download this latest marvel of modern technology.


It is official – Tipping point for H.264 reached
·171 words·1 min
Adobe Media MP4 Sony Technology
I am glad to see I called this one correctly. Looks like tipping point for H.264 is finally here, and hopefully the support across the industry will accelerate from here on.