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It is official – Tipping point for H.264 reached

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I am glad to see I called this one correctly. Looks like tipping point for H.264 is finally here, and hopefully the support across the industry will accelerate from here on.

The big news today is from Adobe, announcing that their up and coming Moviestar player will support this high quality codec, allowing video quality up to HD streaming via our good old broadband.

The only trouble I see is the very high performance computer that is needed to properly decode highly compressed H.264 stream for high-definition full-screen playback. I hope Adobe takes this into account, and on slower machines makes it usable, showing lower quality video but without stutter.

Now, bring On the improved compression tools! Yesterday I tried every ‘Advanced’ and ‘More’ button I could find in Sony’s latest Vegas 8.0, but the best I found was H.263 …. Sony, get right on that! Vegas has been my favorite Video editing tool for years now, so it would be shame for me to have to leave them over this.