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We have no Internet?

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Yep, our Internet is gone. Some very smart people from Atlanta Gas & Light (or so we hear) have dug out our neighborhood fiber-optic cable. This is even though entire ground is marked everywhere they worked, marked in all directions that it can!

The fun part was spending half an hour chatting with Bellsouth (AT&T now…) DSL representative, explaining that Internet is gone. Even after I explained that I see people who dug out the Fiberoptic right in our neighborhood and other neighbors on the same connection have lost their Internet, their reply was — We have No Outage Reported, so we can’t help you!!!

Good thing I can post Shared Links directly from my cell phone and my Blackberry. And the Netflix movies update automatically 😉

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Stay tuned, next up is extensive post about which Operating System is the best for you, today.