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Miro – Internet Video at it’s finest

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Miro-screen Miro is a new name for old time favorite Democracy player. Along with a new name, it got a grand redesign, which I like.

It is currently my High Definition Internet Video aggregator of choice, along with old time favorite Vuze, of course.

Miro is a Free and Open-Source media player and aggregator. It collects RSS feeds (called Channels in Miro), has it’s own handy guide of channels and uses Peer to Peer technology to speed up downloads, what more can you ask for?

You can adjust each channel to either automatically download new shows, or just tell you about new shows and let you decide what to download. It also manages disk space by automatically removing old videos, after certain period of time (like a month or so) or if you are running low on space.

I also love it because of it’s amazing video playback capabilities. You can configure it to see your local video files and so far it was able to play back everything and anything I threw at it, including H.264, flv, quicktime and the good old DivX/Xvid files.

Miro-screen2But probably all time favorite feature for many people will be the ability to download videos from YouTube (and few other Video giants) into your local library. Though, personally I don’t see any need for that.

My favorite channels on Miro right now are Timo’s Movie Trailer channel and InDigital HD. is also among the best, and I like to be able to catch up on news via my PC and subscription to CNN In Case You missed It channel on Miro.

So, give it a try for your self.