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The Zeitgeist Movie Series – My Take
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Let me open by saying that these movies are a classic definition of Propaganda. They follow the tried and true model of massaging real facts to their own needs, and using strategic omissions or worse.


Even better than Google’s 80/20 approach!
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Economics Scobleizer
YouTube> YouTube # Keeping this text here is required for the YouTube to display properly SMH
Annual Tax Time – My Take
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Economics Google Politics
I have been working this weekend (not enough of it, granted) on organizing and preparing our household 2009 taxes for filing. There is plenty of time before April 15th deadline in United States, but I like to have breathing room as this process always takes way longer than one expects (and hopes).


How To Kill Economy in One Easy Step!
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Economics Singularity
Well, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. No, not about one step part, but about it being Easy. It is a little harder for regular folk like me and you.
Happy New Year!
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Welcome to 2008! I am not into putting together "year end review" of 2007, like some other bloggers, and I especially don’t like all the posts on New Year Resolutions for 2008.