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Getting Rickrolled by Rick in BrowserQuest
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FireFox Programming Weekend Fun
This one is definitely filed away under Weekend Fun! Kudos to Mozilla foundation, though a bit sad that it doesn’t play on iPad (and some other browsers) yet. The brilliance of the BrowserQuest is not just in it’s grand fun gameplay, but also that it is truly and completely open-source!


Chrome Browser – Now Proven More Secure
·567 words·3 mins
FireFox Google Technology
Lately I use multiple browser, more so than ever, in this order: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 64 bit. This story unfolded literally few minutes ago, and I believe entire thing happened online within past few hours, at the most.


Turn your web browsing up a notch
·648 words·4 mins
FireFox Technology Recommendations
Short post today, since it’s very late. I tried out Opera 9.50 Alpha today, and while it may be as lightening fast as they claim, that doesn’t help me any.