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Duplicate MAC address on Cable Modem – The Fight Goes On
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Communications FCC Internet
TLDR: Arris/Motorola SurfBoard Cable Modems (and perhaps others) are constantly showing up with Duplicate MAC Addresses, even though each manufacturer must only make Single device with same address. Looks like it is time for another fiasco/fight with Comcast for us, something that has become at least annual affair.


Finding Life’s Riches
·487 words·3 mins
Philosophy InfoSec Internet
EDITOR NOTE: Recovered from Draft, so Old but Newish Post! While I walk this Earth like (most) of you, I have set myself a goal of Life Long Learning. Perhaps this is one of the reason I find computers so fascinating, as it is a never ending universe that we are constantly creating.


USA Today Supports Scam Ads? Is This What’s Next In Online Advertising!?
·739 words·4 mins
Consumerism Internet Marketing
Yesterday, while reading an article on USA Today, my eyes gazed over to prominently displayed “News Stories” on the right side of the page. Clicking through seems to reach respectable site, apparently presenting TV affiliated news site, complete with anchor photos, videos and long authentic looking article.


iPhone 3.0, Nintendo iDS and Walled Gardens
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Communications Internet iPhone XBox 360
Before you scream – SPELL CHECK, STUPID – The error in the title is intentional. Nintendo’s device should be called iDS, but opting not to alienate Apple they called their “i” device Nintendo DSi.