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Finding Life’s Riches

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EDITOR NOTE: Recovered from Draft, so Old but Newish Post!

While I walk this Earth like (most) of you, I have set myself a goal of Life Long Learning. Perhaps this is one of the reason I find computers so fascinating, as it is a never ending universe that we are constantly creating. Hundreds (thousands?) of Programming Languages were invented thus far and the pace only accelerates. There is constant influx of new and exciting technologies, both physical and virtual.

Though I digress – I wanted to lay down on paper (ahem) some thoughts about excellent piece of investigative journalism published on The Verge today: Scamworld of Internet Marketing. Article’s breadth of research astounded me, and I am glad to hear someone finally put the effort needed to expose these never ending “Mom Making $2500 From Her Bedroom” Ad Shams.

While the extreme end of this is clearly sickening and criminal, involving boiler room tactics victims, the other end feels almost legit. It is very sad to hear that people are still taken for thousands of dollars for “pie in the sky” website or material. As most any kid will tell you today – you can get unlimited traffic site for exactly $0 (Zero Dollars), up and running in minutes, with such fine folks as, and many others.
Yet, site that offers you $15 material on how to operate free site and setup Google Ads may feel almost educational and “justified” to some, and clearly not invoke the wrath of authorities. Well, I am here to tell you that this is just as evil, in my book.

I also wanted to reflect on some other Self Help material I have come in contact with lately. Yes, between reading fascinating insight into What Makes Google Tick, and getting a closer look at fascinating career of Steve Jobs, I found the time to read such self-help guides as 4 Hour Workweek and Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Internet is a grand medium of information liberation – it is essentially designed to make all the world’s information instantly accessible to everyone. I truly believe that this isn’t just Google’s mission, it is embedded in our culture for years now (since first Library opened centuries ago) and is only made more natural as our communication tools improve. Yet, most of these Internet Marketers aim to “sell information products” – let this be your first memorable Red Flag.

I do feel that collectively these books, study materials and “information products” offer glimpses into the fine arts of an MBA. Still, as if often is in life, you best go for the real thing. These days many fine Universities offer free courses (which I also participated in and really enjoyed), and as is with all matter of Information brokering, they are going through crisis of their own.

Tim Ferris “Drug Dealing” adventures in 4 Hour Workweek book definitely deserve a separate post!