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The new host awaits

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Personal Technology

asmallorange Well, after whole of 2 weeks, this site already needs more room 🙂

So, this blog is moving to a new host, which should lead to better performance, or so I hope. The new host is geographically very near me, so it is much faster for me to maintain the site, but I think their servers are faster overall, and you should see improvement also.

The move itself will take few hours, but takes up to 48 hours to propagate all over the Internet (weird, this Net thingy must be pretty big… 😉 )

So, if you experience any troubles accessing the site in the next 48 hours or so, you must be in the distant corner of the Internet vastness. Or, I may be in the distant corner and you are in the smack middle, either way, just come back a little later.