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There goes yet another startup opportunity of mine

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VR Technology

As I mentioned in the title of my Ventures page (which is still unfinished, as yet another testament to what happens with my Ventures…), most of my ideas get implemented not by me.

My good friend will attest that we started planning the software for this about 7 years ago! And we went as far as proposing Fast Fourier Transform algorithm that would be needed to properly implement the engine for this input driver.

What is it I am talking about? That $20 webcam that is likely on your monitor, or even built in, is an excellent input device, which is rapidly improving, as we predicted. So, your computer can See you and understand what you want based on your gestures with your hands.

Xtreme Reality is now making it happen. They make the software that captures body gestures via your own webcam and converts them into mouse movements or directly feeds them into compatible software and/or games. Here is the complete article on this, along with video demonstration, which I took the liberty of embedding for you here directly as well:

[via WebWare]