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Free Shows and Videos for Zune and Everyone

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True short story! A lady came up to me as I was coming off the airplane from a recent business trip and exclaimed: "Is This A Zune!?". She continued to explain that she never seen anyone with Zune and she actually has one herself. But, her biggest beef with it is that she can’t figure out how to get Videos onto it! She bought it for bigger screen, which isn’t much help without Video content!

Zune_PodcastsHere is the tip for everyone out there! There is A Lot of Free and easily accessible Video (and Audio) content for your Zune! Start by simply navigating to Podcasts category in the Marketplace section of the new Zune client software! And the best part — all of it is Free! Your Zune clent software will auto-download the latest episodes from the Internet, whenever you dock your Zune or even when you sync wirelessly.

This is actually the biggest feature added in the new Zune software & firmware, and the main reason I finally splurged on a Zune. There is a huge library of Podcasts in the new category in Zune Marketplace, both Audio and Video, and all free, of course.  Each podcast includes short description and subscribing is as easy as clicking ‘Subscribe’, and there are some options hidden deeper if you prefer to manually control how many episodes of the Podcast show Zune keeps by default.

Zune_MySubscriptions_take2 There are too many excellent podcasts that I subscribe to for me to list here, and even more excellent ones that I just don’t have time for. So, first step, check out My Subscriptions screen capture, to the right. I managed to reformat the screen to fit all the little pictures in, although reading their full name will be tough. So, here are some highlights, with brief description:

  • EscapePod – I mentioned this one already, it’s awesome short science fiction stories
  • Buzz Out Loud – Daily techno news, presented in fun manner
  • CNN Now in the News – Brings you Video News daily, on the go
  • NPR: Science Friday – Keeps you informed of latest scientific research, in easy to understand format. Actually, NPR has an Array of excellent podcasts, check it out!
  • TWiT – This Week in Tech consists of insightful discussion around top week tech news, excellent show but usually at least an hour long. Leo has again an array of well produced podcasts, with Windows Weekly being another one I enjoy. Check them out!
  • National Geographic Wild Chronicles – Short and sweet look at some of the most amazing wild creatures out there, keeps things interesting and diversified

These are just some highlights, there are tons more of them available in Marketplace or out there on the Internet, including almost any niche subject that may interest you. Anyone can download Zune Software, even without a Zune! You’ll simply have to watch the video shows, or listen to the audio podcasts right there on your computer. Actually, once your PC client downloads the podcast show files, you can manually copy them to any other type of audio or video mobile player, most will be compatible. Or, if you don’t have Zune and don’t want this software, check out Open Source Miro software, which is similar in many ways.