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iPhone 2.0 3G GPS and What Not

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wwdc-keynote_190 I’ve been reading all the live blogging just like the rest of us, all too excited about “what’s next” from the over-hyped Apple brand. Finally Starts at $199 now, finally has built-in GPS (pretty much standard nowadays), and seems to have improved 3rd party apps support. Also looking especially lucrative is the 7 hour battery time when playing video, that should be awesome on long flights and overall most impressive. Internet always was a great feature, and with 3G speeds, it’s finally very viable. Plus, more and more popular web-sites coming up with iPhone optimized edition.

But, looking at my own usage patterns, my current phone, though over 2 years old, is doing just fine for me. It provides occasional Internet via Opera Mini. It gives me full screen video via Mobile Divx Player, and of course Audio MP3’s are no-brainer. My Zune gives me full range of Podcasts access, and probably with miniscule 16GB on even the premium $299 model (what gives, flash memory is cheap nowadays!!!), it wouldn’t suffice for my needs there. I got my Bluetooth and my external Bluetooth GPS, if need be, on that phone also.

Big feature would be push email, especially my Yahoo! and Gmail, though meanwhile I get those on my work-issued blackberry, so no concerns there. Come to think of it, the email would probably be the biggest excuse I can find to switch phones, if my work decided to save some dough and take away our blackberries…

Meanwhile, the rest of you will charge forth and purchase this toy, I’m sure

PS: After I typed it up, I saw this little video, and looks like this one is a Solid reason to get an iPhone!

PPS: And here’s a shocker reason not to get the iPhone, somehow I felt this was coming…


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Comment by ProGamingWorld on 2009-03-28 10:07:30 -0500>

Comment by ProGamingWorld on 2009-03-28 10:07:30 -0500 #

Hey! Can I ask what’s this template you are using in your blog? thanks.

Comment by Adi R on 2009-03-28 14:14:12 -0500>

Comment by Adi R on 2009-03-28 14:14:12 -0500 #

Template is from N-Design studio, I modified it just a little bit. The link is above Small Orange link at the bottom .