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Top 10 How-To web sites, keep for reference!

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I wanted to catalog this for myself, and I think everyone else should find it very useful! Skillful folks at the fine Mashable blog have put together a handy list of Top 10 How-To sites. These sites tell you How to do things, and most use Videos to help explain things.

Sorry I have been blogging less, have a few fun subjects in store, but not enough time to blog, with some crunch at work. But I promise to improve!

Meanwhile, Live and Learn!

[via Mashable]


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Comment by Matt on 2008-07-02 13:04:07 -0500>

Comment by Matt on 2008-07-02 13:04:07 -0500 #

Good list of how-to sites, but one that was overlooked is The difference is that their how to videos are all professionally produced. Beats watching grainy videos of someone’s grandma. The other site I like is eHow, but just wish they had more video.

Comment by Adi R on 2008-07-03 00:37:37 -0500>

Comment by Adi R on 2008-07-03 00:37:37 -0500 #

Looks interesting, Thanks for Comment!

Though I wonder who decides the exact definition of “expert”. Still, looks higher quality then most, I wonder if selection of subjects is there…