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My First Few Days with iPhone 3G

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It’s been only few days since I got my phone, but I feel like I can type up 10 posts about it, and still not be done. But, I will try to focus on most important points for now, with more to follow, for sure.

  • Battery Life – Dismal or worse. First day I turned off WiFi, turned down screen brightness, yet still towards the end of the day the battery was practically dead. Next day I turned off Push email also, and that seems to make serious difference. Still, with normal use, one full day is your best bet. I don’t think this is critical for me, I’m getting car charger, plus charging it daily is easier to remember than twice a week, etc.
  • Internet Browser – Is everything I ever dreamed of and more. Truly Internet in your pocket, with JavaScript and tons of features. I love YouTube support, but I had no idea it streams and plays QuickTime embedded videos from the web ALSO!
  • Application Store – Amazing! And when combined with Internet Access, GPS and 3D capabilities of the device, the cloud computing is finally here!!! I will write-up a separate post on some of my favorite (mostly free) Official Apps for iPhone. Meanwhile install Google App, the Google Reader is killer Apps for iPhone IMHO!
  • HTML Email – Amazing killer feature also, truly properly implemented, finally I can review and delete/respond to my email right on the mobile device!
  • iTunes Software – I blame Apple, (though some may try to blame Windows Vista). Either way, pathetic piece of technology, really dismal. Probably the most annoying part of the whole experience and would be main reason for me to reconsider.
  • Camera – Not impressive at all, and of course no Video capture (though Qik has app that will add such capability, hopefully it will be in Official Apple store soon). But, I did not expect much — I still prefer to take my photos/videos with dedicated device.

That’s it for now, I am trying not to overwhelm with very long posts, but for summary I want to just say that I LOVE IT! And the cool features galore truly worth the little inconveniences.

I also want to point out that my first experience with Apple products has thus far been mixed bag, but I was fortunate to find this video after a quick google search on the second day of iPhone use. Plus, I am also lucky to have iPhone, Zune and Blackberry in my active daily use going forward, so I will try to offer some comparative perspective, or try, at least.