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My Xbox 360 is Back – And so am I

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180px-Xbox360-ringofdeath Wow, sorry for disappearing on you. So much happened in the past few weeks, that instead of posting all those brilliant (aka: weird) thoughts I am having, I’ll just summarize recent events in my life:

  • My Xbox 360 is back! Of course you don’t know that it was gone, but it was indeed a victim of well known Red Rings of Death. But, this is after at least a year of trouble-free use, and they replaced it within a week!!! Seriously, emailed us FREE shipping label for our old XBox. I dropped it at UPS on 9/25, and Oct 1st the replacement arrived! Completely Free and Fast! Mistakes Happen, it is all about how you bounce back and fess up to them that defines long-term success! So, I am a Happy Camper and Kudos Microsoft, big time!!!
  • Went through rough patch at work, launching a new web site, enough said…

  • IMG_2591 We visited Consolidated Gold Mine, which is apparently only about 45 minutes north of here. Family had a good time! We’re definitely going back there in the future.
  • Visited Panama City Beach in Florida, over the weekend. Pretty long drive from Atlanta, but nice beaches and weather was pretty good. Overall, fun trip also. And yes, all these trips were way before Gasoline shortage hit Atlanta…
  • It’s been another month of iPhone and Zune and Blackberry, for my active daily use. We saw the release of all important iPhone 2.1 update, and Zune 3 software came out. I am working on summarizing my experiences in long post on Zune vs iPhone, promise!
  • I have also been hard at work on my “secret project”, well, basically it is yet another website – stay tuned!

But enough about me, as you are likely wondering about the collapse of Wall street giants, and other such minor news happening out there… The world is undergoing changes in ever accelerating pace, and while mass media does dismal job of coverage, do keep in mind that I have a short list of articles that I share daily, for your reading pleasure, from the world wide ocean that is Internet. Don’t Clog The Tubes!!!