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Netflix on Tivo – Killer App that scores high!

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Tivo and Netflix Marriage While I really appreciate that Microsoft and Netflix finally got XBox 360 going with HD streaming, I myself still wasn’t able to check it out. The reason is the silly requirement of being a Gold member. I do plan to check it out soon, as we are going to go Gold for the Winter Break this year.

But I digress. This post is about Tivo, which is playing Aloha Scooby-Doo! streaming from Netflix at the moment. My youngest son is a huge fan of Scooby Doo, so it was no brainer for him to choose from 5 different kid-friendly choices I gave him for first viewing.

That’s right, I tried it for the first time now. Took about 1 minute, and the activation process couldn’t be simpler (seriously, I don’t think it could!) We got a code displayed on Tivo screen, upon choosing Netflix, and a URL. Type a code on that URL, and voila! Few seconds later, Tivo switched to show us our Instant Queue full of movies to watch instantly.

Furthermore, the quality is Amazing! Granted, this is just a cartoon. But on our HD it looks excellent! No artifacts whatsoever! No delay, no hiccups, no issues! Impressive!!!

This changes everything, and yea, Cable TV is in even bigger trouble, as if it wasn’t already…

In fact, I have a suggestion for Netflix, that will save them some money, and I will be the first to utilize it! To help them figure out how to price this “All You Can Eat” streaming buffet, give us loyal subscribers the option to Hold the DVD queue. I’ wouldn’t object to hold DVD shipments, down to one or two a month of maybe newer movies, and just let us enjoy the streaming buffet for the rest of it!

Kudos Netflix and Tivo! Next up on my wish list, setting up Orb on my media center Vista for streaming to my iPhone on-the-go. Or, perhaps, Netflix should give us an iPhone client, and while we wait for that, make sure to check out Joost for iPhone! Viva la Tivolution!!!

PS: Happy Holidays! Did I mention I love Amazon? Well, I love the simplicity of emailing someone an Amazon Gift Certificate, something everyone sure to enjoy! Plus, click-through and support this site in the process 😉