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Introducing the Next Big Diet – Gaming Diet

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Diet Gaming XBox 360

monkey menu Looking at this image from NYTimes this morning, it hit me that I already know and use the secret best-ever diet. This one is a sure-hit for 21 century and beyond.

Here’s how it works – put yourself on scheduled meals, and of course try to keep them balanced. I don’t think you have to go to extremes, like that study, but do add veggies and salad to most of your meals. This is not the secret part, the secret is rather simple:

Every time you want to snack on something (surely unhealthy) or eat outside your schedule, simply go play Computer/Xbox or some other Game instead. I find that most good games are engaging enough, to keep your mind off food! If it doesn’t work for you, keep searching for that personal Favorite game, which is sure to take your mind off that nasty snacking habit.

For our family, World of Warcraft is the best diet! Just make sure the Gaming PC is not in the kitchen, and you will find that you can’t leave 4 real people, who depend on you, getting killed by horrible monsters just because you decided that you Must have a snack Right Now!

Ah, also, for Hours of clean family fun, check out Kingdom of Keflings. It takes the classic formula of building and does it right, albeit it’s a little short for us, but I am sure expansions and ‘Second Edition’ are on the way.

And yes, your Brain burns calories also, so be sure to pick game where you use it, which is most all of them 😉