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iPhone 3.0, Nintendo iDS and Walled Gardens
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Before you scream – SPELL CHECK, STUPID – The error in the title is intentional. Nintendo’s device should be called iDS, but opting not to alienate Apple they called their “i” device Nintendo DSi.


Introducing the Next Big Diet – Gaming Diet
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Diet Gaming XBox 360
Looking at this image from NYTimes this morning, it hit me that I already know and use the secret best-ever diet. This one is a sure-hit for 21 century and beyond.
New XBox 360 Experience – Really Cool!
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Consumerism Microsoft XBox 360
We just received the new XBox 360 Experience, and I decided to blog about it right away (I know, totally untypical!). I expected much from this major upgrade, and I have to say so far I am impressed!
Netflix Netflix everywhere – Bring It On!
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HDTV Netflix Tivo XBox 360
With more and more TV shows being available via Netflix “Watch It Now” feature, including the grand hit Heros, which we still plan to catch up on (never started), momentum is building for easy on-demand streaming of shows/movies, to your Living Room TV.
My Xbox 360 is Back – And so am I
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Wow, sorry for disappearing on you. So much happened in the past few weeks, that instead of posting all those brilliant (aka: weird) thoughts I am having, I’ll just summarize recent events in my life:


Frequent posting + Weekend Fun
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I think I tackled this in the past, but here is a brief reminder, yet again. I am against bloging senseless! I really don’t enjoy blogs that post 10+ times each day, that’s just ridiculous!