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Post 100 – WordPress 2.7 and Other Updates

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Having realized that this is a post number 100, I had very hard time to decide what to blog about to make it “special”. So instead, I decided to blog about Nothing (in particular)!

Finished installing new router last night, picked up Linksys WRT360N for cheap at (they’re great!). Was overdue for a new router, still using old G kind, and this is a Gigabit beast, or at least that’s the promise.

Mahalo Answers Well, thanks to Jason for giving out $5 to existing Mahalo members, and making it fun for us to try out new Mahalo Answers. And Thanks for everyone at Mahalo Answers for writing such positive and constructive feedback for the site. Hope some also subscribed during their visit 😉

WordPress upgrade for this site to 2.7 was Smooth as butter this time! And I hear it is “self-upgrading” from now on – Great Job!

Probably just like everyone else, I’m all excited about Windows 7, and looking forward to grabbing more stable public beta, when it comes (soon!).

On the ever improving iPhone platform, there are some nice new free games (TapDefense, Checkers, PenguinLite), and the $10 worthy SimCity version! Also check out Joost free App and YPMobile 😉

Thinking of adding Google Friend Connect gadget to the site, but I fail to see sufficient value, for all that screen space/page load time I will compromise on… Comments welcome

It’s the end of 2008, and we still can’t get Internet Security or Internet Identity Management right. Seriously, I’d do a startup on this, but I lack the resources. For this to succeed it has to be either really Big guys doing it, or Government mandated kind of deal.

Happy Holidays!