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10/10/10 Milestone and Where Do We Go Next

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So it’s not 2012 yet, but this one looks to be very significant date. Although, I guess we didn’t all focus ourselves on 09/09/09 as much last year. So today I am trying to reflect on our collective thoughts, as species.October 10 2010 Google Trends Naturally the first place I go for that is Google Trends. This shows the hottest Searches right now, and as we all know, this (and the Twitterverse) is really best real-time representation as to what is on our minds. So I started off with Google Trends.

Someone clever figured out that 101010 can also be interpreted as Binary number, making it 42 in decimal – and thus: Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything!

We all succumb easily to Trendy MeMe’s and often in retrospect think that it was weird that we even spent time or energy on that matter. Other issues captivate our minds, but when it comes to acting on our beliefs, we find it hard to change our ways.

Me, I am absorbed this weekend with something as trivial as $5.95 fee my bank wants to charge for Online Bill Payments. Obviously someone up in their management decided this was a good idea. Of course there is no direct feedback to see how many customers they will lose, but looking at Online forums, it’s going to be A Lot! Meanwhile that exec who decided on 5.95 fee can show to management great boost in income his fee is producing, with no indication of thousands (millions?) of lost customers because of it. This isn’t really unique to banks, as most companies often have hard time keeping left hand actions synchronized with right hand.

So I’m off to explore options – like Chase with cool new iPhone app that lets you deposit checks from your home, by just taking photo of both check sides.

Silly matter, right?

So reflect on your own life today, and don’t forget to recycle and switch to LED light bulbs!


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Comment by Ilia Ganelin on 2010-10-13 06:59:12 -0500>

Comment by Ilia Ganelin on 2010-10-13 06:59:12 -0500 #

do not forget to switch to LED TV as well.