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Dead Trees Information Platform – Dead?

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This isn’t any news to anyone, it is just something that was proclaimed long ago and yet books are refusing to die. What inspired me is the fact that I am at Barnes and Nobles now, looking at giant Nook display right at the entrance.


And yet, there is no-one checking out Nook display although there are a Lot of people here.
So what gives? Clearly organization of information in books is just messy, judging by the many people have at home on shelves and in piles. I bet they will have hard time finding the right book, even if they could remember that they have it. And within book itself, if it is any kind of reference, finding things is often just as hard.
Yet, there is undeniable charm in the plain old "dead tree" editions, as many fondly call them. I betting they will always occupy special place in our hearts, like the vinyl records and real photo film…
Meanwhile I haven’t purchased a real book for the longest time. I do my reading on Kindle platform, which is available on variety of devices, including on my iPhone 4. Yes, the iPhone is remarkable achievement as I am also posting this from it, my first full post using newest WordPress edition. It is powerful, but still has some bugs.
Ok, enough of my random thoughts, for today at least.