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Polar – HealthySchools – How to fix IE9 Issue

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Polar Fixing IE9My children are participating in summer classes this year, and ran into this issue. Looks like Polar site has a little trouble with latest and greatest Internet Explorer 9 – so here is very easy fix: Compatibility Mode. Internet Explorer 9 can “behave” like previous IE, simply by triggering compatibility soon as soon as you arrive on site.

The button is up in the address bar – and to make it easier, we added BIG BLACK arrow to point to it (Click on the image for larger picture). Once that button lights up blue, web site should work on all pages and buttons. As an aside – that feature in IE works with most any other website you may be having troubles with in IE9. But if you continue to have any further problems, simply post comments below – I am sure collectively we will figure this thing out.