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How to Print To your iPhone or Android Phone
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Yes, this is not a typo – printing To your iPhone, I know it sounds weird! It is actually very handy, saves plenty of trees and makes “printouts” easier to carry around and find in the future.


OMG! Why did you buy a Drunken Hobo?
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That is what my daughter exclaimed, after learning that we purchased Kobo eReader from Borders and mishearing the name. She came to this natural conclusion after seeing that our new device prefers ePUB books to feed it’s appetite for content!


Mass Effect 2 – On Sale Today
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled (aka: nonexistent) blogging to bring you this special message. I raved about Mass Effect 2 in the past, it’s a Movie gone Game, or Game gone Movie, either way makes for amazing Sci-Fi experience.