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Mass Effect 2 is coming – Amazing!
·184 words·1 min
Bioware EA Entertainment
I was holding out to play Mass Effect one for the longest time, until I finally picked it up via Steam a month or so ago. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Breaking News – nVidia Hates The Sims
·292 words·2 mins
EA Entertainment nVidia
What started as a simple upgrade of my daughter’s video card, turned into afternoon of sheer terror. I don’t really know if it’s nVidia to blame, or some incompetence of EA developers, but result is tragic just the same.


Weekend Fun – Gaming Style
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EA Entertainment Family Gaming Technology Weekend Fun
"We are boring people to death" – I believe is the exact quote from non other than Electronic Arts CEO. He was referring to the endless sequels to established games, which bring little more than shinier graphics and few more features.