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Turning Point – Steve Jobs Book Purchase
·623 words·3 mins
Consumerism Future Technology
Short post – more of a call to arms, to discuss burning point for many people today. That is, What Platform to choose to purchase this iconic Steve Jobs biography eBook.


The Next Series: Part 3 – Apps Marketplace
·388 words·2 mins
Future Microsoft Next Technology Windows
The Apps Store is all the rage nowadays and everyone says how “Apple Invented this Revolutionary Concept”. As I recall – Windows had a Marketplace for Apps and Accessories going way back… Still, the true revolution in Apple’s iOS is the seamless end-to-end experience of discovering and purchasing / installing Apps.


The Next Series: Part 2 – Where Is My File?
·405 words·2 mins
Computer Science Future Next Technology
In the future, there will be No More Files (and most likely No Folders either). Have I completely lost it, you probably wonder just about now? All modern Operating Systems, from latest Linux to upcoming Windows 7 or Mac OS Snow Leopard, still share this fundamental flaw.
The Next Series: Part 1 – Simulated Past
·336 words·2 mins
Future Microsoft Next Technology Windows
I have decided to have a few posts focused on discussing what’s next in the world of computing. The idea is to look at progression thus far, and see what makes sense to be researched and improved next.


iPhone Blues – Somebody Save Me!
·1516 words·8 mins
Future iPhone Personal Technology
I am calling upon you, my readers, family, friends, everyone, Save Me from this madness that is iPhone 3G Mania! Everything and Everyone and Everywhere, all they talk about is the new iPhone 3G.