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Tivo Disaster – If it Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?
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It is really basic premise, and I didn’t even invent it. Alas I have to warn other potential Tivo customers, after giving company many chances to make things right and a month of monumental efforts (mostly mine).


Netflix Netflix everywhere – Bring It On!
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HDTV Netflix Tivo XBox 360
With more and more TV shows being available via Netflix “Watch It Now” feature, including the grand hit Heros, which we still plan to catch up on (never started), momentum is building for easy on-demand streaming of shows/movies, to your Living Room TV.


Starting FCC Petition! Join In!
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Consumerism FCC HDTV QAM Technology
FCC hasn’t been doing it’s job in regulating our home TV delivery choices! Seriously, so many years later and we still have no a-la-carte channels! But, this post is Future, not past… I recently became aware that Cable transmits most of their digital channels, both HD and regular, in encrypted QAM transmission.
New ways to Love your Prime Time TV
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Entertainment HDTV Streaming Video Media Technology
While all signs pointing to upcoming demise of TV as we know it, I think we should try to make the most of this transition period. Today, I compiled a short list of resources to help everyone’s TV addiction, now that Prime Time TV season is back with their best entertainment offerings.