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WordPress Security Breach – First Response Steps
·661 words·4 mins
Scobleizer Technology WordPress
Word gets around on Internet quickly, but apparently not quickly enough for me. I do recall noticing somewhere a word about small security breach in WordPress 2.8.2 few days ago, but it wasn’t clear to me that all earlier WordPress versions were affected, so I did not rush and act right away.


Post 100 – WordPress 2.7 and Other Updates
·283 words·2 mins
Technology Windows WordPress
Having realized that this is a post number 100, I had very hard time to decide what to blog about to make it “special”. So instead, I decided to blog about Nothing (in particular)!
Short post – 3G style
·120 words·1 min
iPhone WordPress
This my first post from an iPhone 3G. I am practicing typing with both hands and it is working pretty well, surprisingly so! For small posts on the go this is awesome!
Upgrade Tip for WordPress 2.6 – Don’t Upgrade!
·640 words·4 mins
WordPress Technology
I just spent most of today upgrading to WordPress 2.6 platform, which is powering my site. Our exciting new features are…… well, there aren’t many new features actually. The big change is that I scrapped Categories completely, in favor of Tag Cloud based approach.