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One Week Anniversary for the blog

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First, I promise not to celebrate each week in the future 🙂 , but I think the first week was so thrilling that it’s worth writing about.

Lets start with words on the platform itself, which is WordPress. I actually tried Drupal first, but found it too cumbersome for just managing simple blog. WordPress was simple to install and extend. I ran into some issues with some widgets, but overall, it’s excellent and very recommended.

In other news, my About and Ventures pages are still not ready, but I did get started there, some…

I do have lots of subjects to post about, and decided to try and move About this Blog into the About page, unusual, yes?

I am especially happy with the way Google Reader Shared items now automatically show up on my right column, many thanks to James Wilson for this excellent widget. I can automatically publish interesting articles from anywhere with Google reader, which includes my Cell phone and Blackberry, of course. Watch that spot for articles of interest, or subscribe to my Google Reader Shared links directly.

I did have to do minor customization to widgets and CSS style, just to improve how it looks, to my taste. It isn’t easy some times to find proper spot in huge PHP intertwined framework like WordPress, where each part of page coming from. But, once you do, I find PHP to be very flexible, powerful and fun to use.

Coming up next, posts about Facebook, EscapePod (and other excellent Podcasts), and World of Warcraft, among other things.